Welcome to AudioFree.net

Faq’s for authors

  • 1. What is this site for?

    AudioFree.net is a service for authors and/or narrators to distribute their ACX promo codes to interested listeners.

  • 2. Is this a free service?

    Yes. You will never be charged for using the audiobook promo service.

  • 3. Can this site be used for both authors and narrators?

    Yes. If you’ve been supplied with promotional codes this is the place to use them.

  • 4. Do I need to register?

    Yes. Everyone (listeners, authors/narrators) must first register before they can use the site.

  • 5. Can I promote more than one book at a time?

    Yes. Promote as many as you like.

  • 6. Why should I give away my promo codes?

    We encourage listeners to leave reviews. The more reviews your work gets, the higher it climbs up the Amazon rankings. Redeemed codes also contribute to your ALOP scores – so there’s a financial incentive.

  • 7. What if I run out of codes?

    Contact us. Your audiobook will be removed from the site. If you run out of a country code, let us know which book, which country code you’ve run out of, and we’ll place a notice to that effect.

  • 8. How long will my audiobook remain on the site?

    Currently, there is no time limit.

  • 9. What’s the process? 

    Please read this section carefully. There are things to consider and/or prepare in advance:

    1. Register, then check your email for verification. Once verified, return to the website.
    2. To add an audiobook click the ‘add audiobook’ link and complete the form. Prepare your book cover image in advance (use the ones on ACX as these are likely to be the correct size: (500 pixels x 500 pixels) plus the associated book blurb. Once submitted your book will be reviewed (usually within 24 hours).
    3. When a listener requests a promo code we’ll contact you with their email details and the specific country code they require (USA or UK).
    4. It’s up to you to obtain the relevant promo code and to then contact the listener (example email below). You may wish to consider whether you want to use your personal email. It’s very easy, for example, to set up a free Gmail account specifically to deal with issues relating to your audiobooks.
    5. You may also wish to consider giving the listener a time frame in which to redeem their code. If they choose not to, you’re free to allocate that code to someone else. Example email:

    Subject: Audiobook Code: [book title]

    Hi [name],

    You recently requested a promotional code for my audiobook, [Title].

    Please redeem your code at: https://audible.com/acx-promo [in this example I provide the .com link]

    Please note, your code may be allocated elsewhere if it is not used within five days.

    Code: [insert code]

    I hope you enjoy the story. Please remember to leave a review.

    Best Wishes

    [your name]
    [your website URL]

  • 10. I’m not getting any reviews.

    Possible reasons are:

    (1) Rather than leave negative feedback, the listener may prefer to say nothing.

    (2) Your audiobook may be ‘banked’ to be listened to at some later date.

    (3) Code grabbing: we can’t ignore the fact that a few people have no real intention of leaving feedback. To help circumvent this, listeners must register with the site. If code grabbing is identified, the account will be cancelled.

  • 11. I’m getting bad reviews.

    Sadly, bad reviews come with the territory and are something we have no control over.


  • 12. I need to edit something previously uploaded

    No problem. Assuming your audiobook has already been approved you’ll see an edit button on your uploads list (find this by hovering your cursor over your login name – top right – and clicking the relevant link on the dropdown menu). After editing, your audiobook will disappear from view, as all edits must be manually approved.

  • 13. My audiobook has been rejected

    It’s not as harsh as it first sounds. Rejection is most likely due to some oversight or problem during the upload (e.g the book cover image is too small). You’ll receive an email, specifying the reason. Then it’s simply a case of editing what you’ve previously uploaded or choosing to upload again from scratch.